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In an integrated home, each system works in tandem with the others. A great network requires a great wiring system behind the scenes, and a great control system to connect it all. We take all your systems and tie them together, making sure they play nicely together.


High-speed wireless Internet connectivity is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. Whether it’s accessing cloud-based work documents from home or streaming high-definition movies after hours, a fast and reliable connection is crucial. We design networks that keep all your wireless needs covered.

Structured Wiring

Integrating multiple high-tech systems requires solid wiring infrastructure to move data throughout the house. We design systems that meet our clients’ needs to keep information flowing smoothly.


The network is at the center of an integrated home, because every piece of equipment connects to it. We build networks for reliability and performance. Security is important, so we build strong firewalls to protect your data from cyber attacks.

Remote Access and Monitoring

Remote technology allows you to turn on your lights, unlock your doors or change the temperature of your house from afar. These connected devices allow you to control and monitor almost every component of your home just about anywhere from your smartphone or tablet.