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Home Automation

Our programmers build user-friendly interfaces that make taking charge of the entire home a breeze. Using touch screens, our control systems are tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs. We sell systems built by Elan and Control4, offering a range of options for simplifying control and home automation.

Universal Remote

The days of juggling — and losing — multiple remote controls are over. We can integrate all of your individual remotes into a single, universal remote. Not only is it easier to use, the decrease in clutter looks better.


Taking a big picture approach, we work with contractors to simplify and beautify your home automation goals while giving you more control over a wide variety of functions. From lights and security systems to pool controls and irrigation, we can give you access both locally and remotely.


Put your smartphone to good use. Whether you are home or away, you can use smart phone apps to control your house. You can adjust the temperature, turn on the music or close the garage door. There are dozens of apps capable of those things, but we bring them together in one single app. Together everything is better.

Lighting and Shades

We would be remiss if we did not mention programmable lighting and shades, both of which we offer via brand such as Lutron, Ketra, Colorbeam, and HunterDouglas. These can all be integrated into Elan and Control4 home automation as well for optimal design aesthetics and even energy efficiency.