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Working with Waara Technologies about is the experience of teamwork in action. Competitors may sell some of the same brands, but our approach to customer service and attention to detail sets us apart. Each member of our team has expertise in a specific discipline, and we work together to provide superior network design and installation. With that deep level of know-how, we do a better job with the parts we supply.

Using technology to meet our customers’ needs and desires is Waara Technologies’ first goal. It all begins with our sales team, who work as client ambassadors. From there, the project goes to the design team, who figure out everything under the hood. Our project management team then serves as the liaison with contractors and subcontractors, keeping everything on schedule. Network technicians and programmers collaborate to make sure all of the parts of the system communicate, and the interfaces are intuitive for the user. The parts department makes sure everything arrives just in time.

Finally, the job goes to the installers, who are experts in job site codes and practices. Our installers respect the houses they work on and understand that aesthetics matter. They strive to make everything both beautiful and functional by paying close attention detail.

Waara Technologies began as — and remains — a customer service-focused business. The company was founded by Todd Waara, who has decades of experience in electronics repair. Originally based in Metro Detroit, he relocated to Traverse City in the early 1990s, where he continued servicing TVs, stereos, VCRs and video cameras. In 2000, Waara began about shifting his focus from repair into custom installations and building integrated networks. With the addition of a second installer in 2005 and the opening of our first showroom in 2006, business began to take off as our reputation for high quality work grew. In 2008, we changed our name from Waara Electronics to Waara Technologies. Today, we have many employees dedicated to the design and implementation of a range of integrative technological solutions.