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Our Showroom

Thanks to advances in technology, the possibilities of automation and integration are limited only by the imagination. Our showroom, located in Traverse City’s Warehouse District, serves as a tool to demonstrate all of the bespoke services and specialty products we provide.

We offer high-end audio and video, advanced data networks, security systems and climate control options. We only carry top-quality products that we have tested and vetted, assuring you that everything works the way it’s supposed to.

We opened our first showroom in 2006, and we’ve doubled our floor space to 3,000 square feet over the past decade. Our space allows our customers to see what the top brands and leading-edge technology can do.

We are proud to announce that as of May ’24, our showroom is the ONLY Sonus faber Arena theater in America. Stop on in to experience the difference. Now with the latest Sony home theater projector along with the renowned Kaleidescape movie platform!

In addition to our theater, there are two dedicated listening rooms and a total of SEVEN turntables ready to play from brands like Thorens, Sumiko, and Rega on speakers like KEF and Totem and on fantastic audio rack brands like HRS.


NAD 3050 and a Thorens

KEF towers, Marantz stack, and a Pro-Ject

Clarus and Tributaries premium cables

Totem towers, McIntosh, and a Rega on HRS