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Audio and Home Theater

From a stand-alone stereo to speakers distributed through the entire home, audio and home theater are at the foundation of what we do. Whether it’s the accompaniment to a home theater or listening to music through the entire house. We specialize in clean installations with hidden wires and components, so all that’s left is pure sound.


A popular part of home integration is distributing audio and video through the entire house from a hidden central source. With built-in installation, you get pristine sound and vision delivered through the entire house or to specific zones.


For audiophiles and casual fans alike, our top-quality components offer concert-hall quality music and realistic movie sounds. We carry high-end audio brands like McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Totem, KEF and Tributaries.


Today, having extensive music collections doesn’t mean crates of records — it means having an Internet connection. With an integrated home using Bluesound, for instance, you can listen to streaming programming like Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Roon, and satellite radio across the entire house or in selected rooms.

Home Theater

We can build a dedicated audio and home theater entertainment system to bring movies or the big game to life. High-definition widescreen televisions offer superior resolution. Surround sound envelopes you in the scene, while subwoofers help you feel the action. Our video brands include Sunbrite, Seura, Epson, Sony, and Samsung.