McIntosh near Grand Rapids

If you’re a hi-fi fan and live in Michigan, you may have noticed a lack of McIntosh dealers in the middle of the state. Fear not! Waara Technologies is just 2 hours north of Grand Rapids and is most certainly within range for us to install the quality two-channel, “blue-metered” equipment you’re seeking.

Our showroom includes a McIntosh-powered Sonus Faber Arena theater…the ONLY one in Michigan, along with MA352 and MCD85 in our listening room, MT2 turntable on display, and the C2700 pre-amp and MC462 power amps among many others on the floor and in stock.

We install luxury home theaters, listening rooms, full house sound, and even outdoor audio for all budgets and design aesthetics.

So if you’re looking for McIntosh near Grand Rapids, just plan a little day trip up north to our showroom in downtown Traverse City. Browse around, listen to some goodness, and we’ll get you squared away. Feel free to bring your favorite CD or vinyl records, too!