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Vinyl Records Traverse City

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If you’re a music fan, of most any degree, chances are you’ve seen the resurgence of vinyl, turntables, and “retro” of late. The best vinyl records Traverse City has to offer may come from places like RPM Records, but you’ll need the right system to play them to their full potential.

Let us introduce you to companies like Rega and McIntosh if you’re not already familiar. vinyl records traverse city

You may certainly pick up a “record player” almost anywhere, but to coax the highest quality out of your new/antique/rare albums, you’ll want the best turntable in the area and those that we have on display at our showroom are hard to beat.

When it comes to audiophiles into vinyl records, Traverse City certainly has its share. Whether it’s dedicated listening rooms or simply a decorative-yet-quality piece for a living room, we’ve seen it all and are prepared for any client. Far too often, however, those new to vinyl can feel intimidated if they come to the wrong store. At Waara, we take your interests and budgets into full consideration and can guide you down the right path for your needs on your musical journey.

So stop on in, listen to some Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, or Miles Davis, and hear your options firsthand!