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Showroom Feature – KEF R Series

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As you may or may not have seen, Rolling Stone awarded the KEF R Series speakers their Hi-Fi winner…and we happen to have several pairs here for your listening pleasure.

Let’s focus on the beautiful white bookshelf R3, here in our entry room paired with Rotel and a Pro-Ject turntable.

These R3 can be placed on unique stands, such as we have them now, or can be placed on shelves to accompany your television or accentuate any listening experience.

According to Rolling Stone,

” [the] R Series features what’s called ‘Metamaterial Absorption Technology,’ a term that’s used across the speaker line and results in less distortion, fewer vibrations, and a hell of a lot more of the natural sounds you deserve in a high-fidelity system. In short, it’s the best HiFi setup for immersive sound at home.”

Stop on in, listen to some Jethro Tull, and hear the KEF R Series for yourself!