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Showroom Feature: JBL Classic

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As you may already know, Waara Technologies only sells and installs the latest and greatest…but sometimes the greatest can be retro throwbacks like these JBL classic bookshelf speakers.

Having just sold several pairs of the flagship L100 to a new local business you’ll hear about this summer, we wanted to make sure folks knew where they came from.

In grey, we have the aforementioned L100, paired with a Marantz system here for you to test out.

Debuting back in 1970, the L100 has passed the test of time. For the audiophiles reading, it has a

“12-inch (300mm) cast-frame, white pure-pulp cone woofer in bass-reflex design with front-firing tuned port” and weighs in at 58 pounds each so make sure your shelves are sturdy!

In orange, we have the “little brother”, the L82 paired with a nice Arcam amp and cd player.

Stop on in before summer kicks off. We’ll throw your favorite 70’s tunes on for a sonic time travel with these JBL classic to get you squared away.