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Michigan’s Best 2-Channel Stereos

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We at Waara are grateful to be able to install the latest Bluetooth and wireless speakers for our Northern Michigan clients, but when it comes to classic stereos and authentic sound you can practically FEEL, then you may need to visit our Traverse City showroom to see Michigan’s best 2-channel stereos for yourself.

Chief among these, and a brand we’re proud to represent, is the KEF Reference 1 speaker.

Now you may be asking yourself what “2-channel” means and why you should care. First, we encourage you to come listen and hear the difference, but from a technology standpoint, 2-channel basically means 2 separate speakers arranged in locations designed to amplify your room’s acoustic potential.

Think of the difference between a song on the radio and one in person. Properly designed 2-channel systems elevate your music, whether CD, Tune-In radio, or Spotify, to a whole new height.

Michigan’s best 2-channel stereos are a visit away and can work with most any budget or decor. Want smaller bookshelf speakers? Check out the KEF LS50. You name it, we can install it. Pair your custom speakers with an industry-leader like Marantz or McIntosh and you’ve just created an experience-generator and new feature for your home as well.

So stop on in and let’s brainstorm!